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Dear Healing Cancer Naturally Readers,

I was so fortunate to have had Frani go through a surrogate healing for me this April 2012 in Brasil with the entities which work through John of God.  It was such an amazing week of spiritual healing you me, what an experience. Michael and I hope to visit the Casa very soon and meet Frani in person. Frani is one of the kindest people I have ever known. If you are in need or know anyone who is in  need or desires a spiritual healing from the entities which work through  John of God in Abadiania, Brazil, I highly recommend contacting Frani. She is a real blessing.

As many of you know I have been challenged  by cancer for the second time in my life. I did and still continue to do everything possible to fight this disease every day of my life. I have throughout the years come across several wonderful preventions and enjoy sharing what I have found with others. Early February 2012 I found another lump or hardness on my mastectomy breast.  I called Dr. Ansanelli right away and made an appointment, he wrote a prescription for me to get an ultra sound and Dr. Whitley could not determine if it is a tumor or scar tissue by reading the ultra sound.  On July 9, 2012 I got a complete body PET scan and still they were not able to determine if the lump is a tumor or scar tissue, however the greatest news my family received that day was the cancer was not present anywhere else in my body. With 15 lumpy nodes removed  from my underarm and 5 having cancer the doctor said statistically this means the cancer has spread to other organs. I turned to John of God and found Frani.  I attribute this to everything I am doing and to the spiritual healing I received from the entities which work through John of God. 

Frani Rubens, M.S.
Awakening Spirit, Ltd.
When in Brazil, Phone:   847-780-7822

Dear Loved Ones,

Please feel free to share this email with anyone that you feel might be interested.

Come hither my Loves.  The Brazilian air, sun and sky awaits you. 

It was glorious arriving in Brazil, even though it was very cold. Having come from Chicago's 100 degree weather contrasted the Brazilian 50 degrees.  But, I must say, it didn't even matter as long as the spectacular Brazilian sun and blue pearlized sky served as an umbrella.  The landscape, in it's glory, still held the watering rain from rainy season.  Life was still bursting forth in the magnificent colors of the flowering trees and shrubs and the emerald green hillsides.  

When I arrived, John of God was in Switzerland where over 5,000 people a day attended.  We heard stories about him being there.  King Solomon incorporated (the spirit that took over John of God's body) and helped so many people.  There were 40 people in wheel chairs.  King Solomon proclaimed that he would heal all 40 people.  We heard that all 40 people were able to get out of their wheel chairs and walk.  What a blessing for them!  

Then, a strange/funny story was related.  King Solomon, in his glory, wanted to demonstrate his great abilities.  It was reported that he ate a glass of water.  YES, ate a glass, and was seen picking glass out of his teeth.  LOL  The volunteers that attended raved about their experience there and what an honor it was to serve so many people.

Unfortunately, attending to so many people seems to have a very physical effect on John of God.  When he returned to Brazil, he had to go into the hospital for a few days.  Although he is a superior channel for the most loving spirits, he is still in a physical body and under the same limitations as all of us in a physical body.  We were all concerned for his health and well-being and prayed for him.  Our prayers were answered as John of God was present for the most special day at the Casa - the transition day of Dom Inacio (St. Ignatius).

On Friday, John of God was well-rested and radiant to greet over 4,000 people who came to the Casa.  The Casa was filled with loving souls wanting healing and their prayers and requests fulfilled.  Dom Inacio, in his most unconditionally loving way,  incorporated in the morning and the kind, generous, loving Dr. Augusto incorporated in the afternoon.

I had never seen it so crowded.  I heard at least 16 buses of people came from all over Brazil to celebrate this special day at the Casa with John of God.  Grape juice and blessed bread, along with the blessed soup was served.  The proceedings began at 8:00am and lasted over 11 hours.  People stood in lines for hours, but people were filled with gratitude to be able to be there and that John of God was well enough to be there.  Along with the masses of people and some confusion, love permeated the Casa.

My own personal process is filled with gratitude to be here at the Casa and under the care and love of the Entity's.  Their kindness of heart and continual efforts in giving us all what we need, fills my heart with love and compassion.  I am filled with the vibration of giving and serving others.  It makes me feel whole and complete.  My heart is forever grateful that I can be here experiencing this.

I've been blessed with a beautiful home to live in, with a view overlooking the valley.  The sun rises at my front door and I welcome in the beginning of a new day.  The sounds of nature permeate the space - cows munch on grasses in my yard and birds chirping their special songs, amidst some animal sounds that are unfamiliar to me.  My house is on a hill so the veranda is the level of the trees.  I have a sense of living in a tree house.  The mango tree is an arms length and I can pick the fruit right from the tree.  The papaya tree is near but requires shaking the tree for the fruit to fall.  And, when the sun sets over the hills in the evening, it is a kaleidoscope painting of pinks, purples and yellows.  My heart sets with the closing of the day, filled with appreciation and love for all life on our planet and for all life in the universe(s). 

I am happy to serve you by presenting photos to John of God for herbs or surrogate healing or a request placed in the special Prayer Basket.  The next Guided Group is September 4 - 15, 2012.  Please contact me and I will send you details.

God Bless You,


  Soup line at the Casa Sunset from my veranda


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